The truth is revealed why Steve Carell left the show after season 7

  • July 13 2021

One of the saddest moments in all of the office is when Michael Scott, Steve Carell’s character, leaves to go to Colorado forever to be with Holly. He leaves us in season seven. According to most fans, the office takes a dip down in quality, and it’s the next two Seasons without Carell.  So you’re probably wondering what happened at the Carell and why did he leave after the season?  A lot of fans didn’t even know themselves. It seemed weird that he would want to leave such a famous popular show. 

 Lucky for us, we got the answer.  I’m a new episode of an oral history of the office podcast host Brian Baumgartner who played Kevin Malone. Brain shared with us after talking to show riders in cast members, and the truth was revealed that Steve Carell never wanted to leave the show. This was not on his own terms. This happens because of a communication error with NBC. They tried renewing his contract, but they feel that it meant he could not stay on the show after season 7. According to Carell himself, the last episode that he was ever in was emotional torture for him.

Published by august 25 2020

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