Leslie David Barker, known as Stanley Hudson, created his own music video.

July 13 2021

 We don’t know the reason why he made this music video called 2 be simple.  The music video has a very party vibe to it, with him in a big mansion partying it up with many sexual references. He even refers to himself as a love sex-machine. There no references to the office .in this music 

We all know Leslie David Barker, not from his real name but his famous character on The Office Stanley Hudson. We all know Stanley Hudson as the typical miserable office employee. He hates his job, but he only works there because he needs to make money to survive off of in races family. He’s waiting every day for retirement, and all he does at his desk is either sleep or play crossword puzzles.  However, no one was expecting this. He made a music video that seems so different from the character of Stanley Hudson. 

Originally posted by The Washington Post. on November 29th, 2011


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