Did you know the temperature was always had a cold at 64 degrees? If so, why? The answer may surprise you.

July 13 2021

Fun Fact about working behind the scenes of The Office. The temperature onset was always at a chilling 64 degrees. You may be wondering why this was the case? California is known for being very warm in the summer, but that is not the reason. It’s because of Steve Carell. The reason for this is backup by Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight K Schrute.  The reason for this was Steve Carell had a reputation for actively sweating on camera. This would make the shot look gross. So to fix this problem, they kept the set really cold so Steve wouldn’t not sweat. 

insider.com dec 19 2018 https://www.insider.com/the-office-fun-facts-2018-12

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